Strategy Adaptation

Social platforms are continuously adjusting their algorithms, adding new features and changing to stay ahead. It is important that the strategy is also adjusted to suit.

During the So You Think You Can Dance Australia season, Facebook began to favour video content on its newsfeed. We adjusted the content strategy to include more video. In show posts no longer consisted of a ‘hero’ shot to engage fans, but of a short clip sourced from the episodes. This increased reach increased the audience engagement and it amplified the posts immensely.

Twitter research revealed tweets with additional media such as  images and video, were more engaging. We adjusted by using Vines for in show posts. Twitter cards had not been released in Australia at this stage, meaning direct video hosting on the Twitter platform was not an option.


My previous role was for a financial institution that used LinkedIn as one of their main social channels. I did not have much experience with LinkedIn from a professional perspective and had mostly used the channel personally. I researched established companies on LinkedIn and realised that there was a capability to use larger more vibrant images on the platform. This was not a content strategy often undertaken by LinkedIn companies, I decided to experiment and was successful in my findings. The images received higher engagement, more comments and shares.



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